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The department is headed by Adv. Neria Cohen with many years of experience and proven success in the field. He will accompany you hand in hand throughout the entire journey, point out the obstacles in advance and steer the project toward economic and business success.

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The Urban Renewal Department at Peles Mozer Cohen & Co. was founded over a decade ago by Adv. Neria Cohen, and is managed and led successfully while accompanying hundreds of projects throughout the country.

Adv. Neria Cohen, Head of the Urban Renewal Department, is a pioneer in his field, in his professionalism and attitude toward clients wherever they are.

The Urban Renewal Department, headed by him, has etched the values of paying maximum attention to the smallest details, personal attitude, professionalism, dedication and availability.
The department has established itself as a leader, well-known and recognized in the areas of “evacuation construction”, National Master Plan 38 (demolition and construction), National Master Plan 38 (strengthening and expansion), “condensing construction”, “construction evacuation” over the years, among other things while gaining experience from the field with the clients in the various projects with close supervision along the way.

The Urban Renewal Department accompanies, among other things, “mega projects” on a scale that includes tens, hundreds and thousands of new housing units throughout the country, with accessibility, availability and responsibility, while dealing with complex issues in all legal aspects from beginning to end, while safeguarding the client’s interests.

The treatment of every tenant and every customer is a personal, “only child”, whether they are developers, contractors or apartment owners.
Legal representation is professional, humane and accurate in order to achieve maximum results that are milestones of the department while providing first-class legal representation and finding creative solutions to complex and different problems as they apply.

Adv. Neria Cohen writes on demand in various newspapers and his opinion on various topics related to the field of urban renewal as well as the director of a legal forum available for various questions and more.

Peles Mozer Cohen & Co.

Peles Mozer Cohen & Co. is considered one of the leading law firms in Israel in a wide variety of fields, including real estate transactions, urban renewal, arbitration, labor law, family law, tort law, as well as in the commercial field – including corporate law, securities, high-tech companies, capital aquisition as well as diverse international transactions.

The firm offers a very high level of professionalism and personal attention to each client, offering a tailored response to varying needs.

The firm has been operating for over 3 decades, and over the years the firm’s staff has accumulated many important legal precedents, which are taught today as the bread & butter for every new lawyer as part of handling complicated real estate transactions, family law, wills and inheritances, labor laws, urban renewal, litigation, torts etc.

As part of our services, our office offers allow you as a client, to enjoy a variety of professional solutions in any matter and under one roof.

The firm’s clients include the public sector (including ministers and Knesset members), and the private and business sectors of municipalities, banks and public companies.

Our firm provides ongoing legal treatment and advice to government and public companies, leading entrepreneurs in the construction industry in Israel, as well as comprehensive treatment of all types of private companies and many businessmen operating within the State of Israel and abroad.

Every client, whether a business client or a private client, in any field, is treated with the utmost attention and maximum professionalism throughout the entire legal process.

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